Why you should not book a hotel before journey?

I find 2 types of budget travelers, one who ‘says’ that they are doing budget traveling and one who ‘actually’ does budget traveling. The former ones be like ‘Bhaiyya, American Peach Yoghurt’s’ dena, spoon ke sath, oh ma gaad I can do budget traveling’ and later ones be like ‘2 vada

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Once a Month!

You get to learn…a lot! Be it learning a new culture or learning a new language or learning on how people tackle their daily problem, you name it and you are learning it. This is the best part I like on traveling. It will teach you how to be smart and take rapid decisions at

Pankaj Chavan

What to carry in a Backpack?

Do you get this question every time you are planning on a short trip. Here is how it needs to be done, rather I call it ‘My Six Sigma travel list’. Those who don’t know 6 sigma, it means 3  mistake in 1 million attempts, Too technical, IGNORE!   Tshirts Always carry round neck Tshirts.