Highest Restaurant in the World!

As per Guinness Book of Records, the highest restaurant world in world is situated at 442 meters above sea level. That is like almost half km above the ground. It is in the heart of the fastest growing luxury city, Dubai. Yes, you must have guessed it right, It is located in Burj Khalifa at

30 million people still live in caves!

Have you ever wondered that people might still be living in caves? If you have not, then start wondering now because in China, 30 million people are still cave dwellers. The Shaanxi Province is where majority of these caves are found. These are not the natural caves but the man-made ones. These caves

Oldest Monastery in the World!

Do you think it’s located in Asia? Even I thought the same but that is not true. The world’s oldest monastery is located in Africa, that too on the land of mummies, EGYPT. The name is ‘Monastery of Saint Anthony’. It is situated in an oasis in the Eastern Desert of Egypt which hidden deep

Country with 3 million lakes!

Yes you read that right. There exist a country which has more than 3 million lakes in total. You must be wondering is it even a country? Strangely it is and one of the most loved by the Indians, CANADA! This place seems to be a pit stop for lakes. It has 60% of the

Longest running train in India!

During my school days I use to think that longest train route in India might be the one going from North to South in one go and it was somewhat true to some extent when I heard about Himsagar Express which connects Katra(Jammu & Kashmir) to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu). The distance is near about 3700

Why you should travel solo?

For me solo travel is no less than a meditation. Initially I was very reluctant to travel solo. I thought how can one just go without anyone, what’s the fun after all? No one to talk to, nobody to click your Instagrammable pictures, no one to share your food, no one to make fun of!

Most important thing I learnt while backpacking

‘Booking Tickets’ Yes it may be just two words for you but it made me a traveler today. Initially I was also a part of that clan which use to ask people on social media for trips and made all sorts of fancy plans right from back flipping in a pool to playing UNO at

How much should you spend on weekend travel?

I try to keep a low profile while traveling. No fancy restaurants or lavish hotels, just plain and simple traveling. Agenda is to explore the place and know about the city and not sleep in AC rooms after eating alfredo pasta. That is why I am able to roam 4 weeks in a month that

How early should I book my travel ticket?

Well! Well! There ain’t any universal definition for this one. It always depends on where you are traveling and more importantly ‘How’ you are traveling. After traveling to more than 100+ destinations in and around India I came up with below points for myself. I am sure this will help you out

I am a Traveler, Do I need a camera?

Many of us always have that zeel of clicking the ‘best’ pictures whenever we set to travel, so much so that after vacation you would be waiting for the Nat Geo email which says ‘You are Hired for wildlife photography’. This obviously is possible when you own some fancy shizz like Sony A7 II