Failure of the travel giant ‘Thomas Cook’

The world’s oldest and first ever travel agency has become non operational today. I am not an expert but can certainly say that online travel agencies played a major role here. Today we have small travel agencies offering various customized itinerary options and people are very eager to explore these places as per their requirements.

Zostel Panchgani – Most unique hostel of INDIA

It was the first day of December, Pune was closing down at 15 degrees and I was eager to do a bike trip in such chilly weather. I remember someone had tagged me on Facebook to this beautiful Zostel of Panchgani so I considered going here. After 5 hrs ride from Mumbai, I reached Zostel

Is Vietnam a good option?

Located in the south east Asia, Vietnam is an abode of scenic landscapes and heavenly beaches waiting out for you to be explored. When I arrived at Hanoi, it was such a beautiful evening, the airport fragrance is still fresh in my mind. As you get Visa on arrival, you don’t have to fight for

Gokarna – A road trip to heaven under 6500

I was in the first week on Dec 2018 and had just returned from the vibrant and favourite destination of all time, Goa! Completely drenched in the goan feeling the following week, I was staring at my desktop in office not to check my emails but search for a location which could be traveled after

Highest Restaurant in the World!

As per Guinness Book of Records, the highest restaurant world in world is situated at 442 meters above sea level. That is like almost half km above the ground. It is in the heart of the fastest growing luxury city, Dubai. Yes, you must have guessed it right, It is located in Burj Khalifa at

30 million people still live in caves!

Have you ever wondered that people might still be living in caves? If you have not, then start wondering now because in China, 30 million people are still cave dwellers. The Shaanxi Province is where majority of these caves are found. These are not the natural caves but the man-made ones. These caves are usually

Oldest Monastery in the World!

Do you think it’s located in Asia? Even I thought the same but that is not true. The world’s oldest monastery is located in Africa, that too on the land of mummies, EGYPT. The name is ‘Monastery of Saint Anthony’. It is situated in an oasis in the Eastern Desert of Egypt which hidden deep

Country with 3 million lakes!

Yes you read that right. There exist a country which has more than 3 million lakes in total. You must be wondering is it even a country? Strangely it is and one of the most loved by the Indians, CANADA! This place seems to be a pit stop for lakes. It has 60% of the

Longest running train in India!

During my school days I use to think that longest train route in India might be the one going from North to South in one go and it was somewhat true to some extent when I heard about Himsagar Express which connects Katra(Jammu & Kashmir) to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu). The distance is near about 3700

Why you should travel solo?

For me solo travel is no less than a meditation. Initially I was very reluctant to travel solo. I thought how can one just go without anyone, what’s the fun after all? No one to talk to, nobody to click your Instagrammable pictures, no one to share your food, no one to make fun of!