About Me

I am not good at introductions but I will try it out..

My name is Pankaj and I am a full time IT employee in a reputed firm.

“Traveling is like…….”

“Travel brings in so much of…..”

“Travel is what I……”


So like any other 20 year old guy I am in my cubicle at 9 am and complete my 45 hours work week attentively. But, unlike most of you, I take the chance to travel every weekend and that my friends is the reason you are reading this blog right here…right now! Having explored more than 100 destinations in 2 years, I am not here… no… no not here to inspire you-unless you want to get inspired… of-course-to travel like every other ‘Travel Blogger’ in the world, but to tell you how to make these experiences possible with that 9-5 job! Yes… you read it right!!

How it began –

It was a Diwali week (November) of 2016. The adjacent cubicles were empty as they were on leave for Diwali celebration. I came to my cubicle after lunch. Since I had newly joined the project I didn’t have a heavy workload at the time. I started browsing random stuff and came across … IRCTC (for my non-indian readers it’s our magical Indian Railway Website!).  I had always heard people say how difficult it was to book railway tickets online. So out of curiosity I created an account there. I found their User Interface to be super friendly, so much so that by the 9th minute I had pulled my credit card to book my first railway ticket online. I booked my sleeper coach for Varanasi for ₹620, very cheap. The next day I book tickets to Jodhpur, then Rann of Kutch, then Agra and then it never stopped after that. Day after day, week after week I started traveling like an insane traveller. This is when I realised that yes, I really love to travel. Now, after all this time and the very many trips I have undertaken by can happily say this me being a Traveller.

The story of me turning into a Travel Blogger is even more interesting.  So, one fine day I get a mail from Tripoto with subject line ‘We are HIRING’. I read their email, it said that looking for a content writer. By that time I knew I could travel and started dreaming of working for a Travel Company but at the same time I wondered, ‘Why will they even hire me?’. After all I had no experience in content writing. But I thought, why not start writing about my Travel experiences on their portal itself. This would improve with time, I told myself, starting another journey of my life by blogging. After 6 months I launched my own website and thus I became…. an official ..‘Travel Blogger’!

What can you expect here?

Having my IT career and travelling to more than 100 destinations in India itself, you can expect some great weekend itineraries to plan your travels without it burning a hole in your pocket! I strongly prefer to do Budget Backpackers trip and experience all the small things about Travel. Through my stories you will understand how every detail needs to be lived and experienced. I will also be sharing few travel tips with you guys which I myself use while travelling. And not to miss out on the Photo Blogs of course. I don’t have any fancy cameras, everything you will see is shot on an iPhone 6s Plus or a GoPro Hero 6.

So enough about me, I want to hear from you. Please feel free to poke around the blog and if you have any questions, inquiries about certain aspects of a trip, recommendations of place to visit or just want to say hi, hit me up in the comments or on my Facebook or Instagram (add any other SM that you have) page and I will do my best to get back to you. Bon Voyage!